This is how Jesus is rewriting my story

I’m delighted to share my daughter’s heart with you from her blog. May God touch you with His love where you need it most today.

Cait Harrison

IMG_8201Have you ever been tossed into an impossible situation? One in which you didn’t see a way forward?

An I-didn’t-plan-this-part-of-my-life-and-and-don’t-know-how-I-will-face-it kind of scenario?

I have.

You see, that’s just the kind of place where our faith ends and God begins.

I believe the Lord allows us to walk through impossible situations so he can show us he is the God of the impossible.

Last fall, I faced the ending of a relationship with my boyfriend of one year.

It was my longest relationship. That may not sound very long to some of you, but for me, it was.

So when we broke up, I thought it was the end of everything, even though I knew it was not God’s will for me to continue forward in that relationship.

In my newfound singleness, I wasn’t sure where to start.

I should mention that this occurred a month after my 30th…

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