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Hello and welcome to my blog!

I am so glad you have stopped by. I am a lifelong teacher who is entering the field of Christian ministry. The Lord called me into this work almost twenty years ago, and now that my teaching profession is behind me, it’s time. There are a vast number of women–married and single–who are lost and hurting, and I hope to reach them with this message of faith. God Himself taught me how to victoriously battle in spiritual warfare, as I sat at the feet of Jesus during challenging times in my life. As a single mom for over twenty years, my goal is to encourage women on both sides of the marriage fence.

I have always loved to write and have been doing so since I could hold a pen. I composed short stories as a child and read avidly. I progressed to being a contributing writer for my church’s newspaper and later was published in the national magazine, American Cowboy. All the while, my pile of short stories grew as I created tales from my own family’s adventures through the generations. I’m currently writing a fiction series that deals with contemporary challenges regarding marriage God’s way, as well as a nonfiction memoir.

Speaking of family, I have two lovely daughters who are grown and on their own. The older is Meghan, a nutritionist who is entering the teaching field. She currently teaches sixth-grade science. We are so thrilled for her! She has a fantastic testimony to share with young single girls who are dating toward marriage.

The younger is Caitlin, who is a journalist and editor. She has worked for the Dallas Morning News as an editor of a community newspaper and is currently Senior Editor in a digital media job. She uses her gift of writing to reach out to her generation to encourage and lead them to Christ. You can follow Cait’s personal blog at http://www.CaitHarrison.com where she writes about Christ-centered living in a self-centered world.

Finally and most importantly, my 96-year-old mother is truly blessed with good health and a sharp mind. A widow since 1995, she is the spiritual backbone of our ministry as our prayer intercessor. We all depend on her godly wisdom. She has experienced direct touches from Jesus during her most recent illness. You can read about it in my latest post from August 2018, Under Spiritual Attack.

As for myself, I love to cook gourmet French cuisine–but only during holidays–as well as to cycle, read the classics and play Scrabble. We have purchased our old Kentucky family farm originally owned by my maternal great-grandparents. It is a joy and privilege to be caretakers for God’s holy ground where our family’s Christian roots were planted.

I wish you many blessings as we share the wonders of our Lord Jesus through my writing and books. You may contact me at KarenJurgens777@gmail.com.

12 thoughts on “About My Ministry

  1. I have also been writing for a long time (since high school) and now at the ripe age of 52, I remain penning devotions when time allows. I truly enjoy your blog and pages here. Your family is beautiful. I’m a NC native, having lived in Ft Worth for 6 short years, NC called me back in 1988. God has a plan for each of us in His time and with that I know the best is yet to come. God bless…

    • Thanks for your kind words, Lisa. Yes, he has a unique assignment for each one of us. God bless you richly as you pursue His will in NC. I hope our paths cross one day! Blessings with your writing!

  2. Your mother — what a beautiful woman inside and out, from what I see here — is an encouragement to me this first Mother’s Day without my mother, who would have turned 95 this week.

    You followed me on Twitter, I am glad I came here to see what your ministry is, and to be blessed by your words here today. Thank you, Karen!

    It is always best to be and do what God has for us, to be a willing vessel. Happy Mother’s Day to you and your mother. ~Joyce

    • Thank you for your kind words, Joyce. I am so sorry about your first celebration without your dear mother. I cherish each year, as my own mother is now 93. But when that day of separation comes, the Lord comforts us with His Word that assures us of being reunited in heaven. On that day, we will be together forever. I pray that He will comfort you with that reassurance today, and that your good memories will bring you joy.

  3. Loved this page and getting to know you and your family a little more. Beautiful women! My son, Jake is living in Dallas with his lovely wife Emma, who I pictured on my blog on writing prompts. He works for a marketing firm in Dallas, Champion Management. Jake’s a Type one diabetic who is working on starting a foundation called Type Won. Your kids and mine are close to the same age, who know…maybe they will run into each other. 🙂

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