Author Interview and Giveaway

A Perfect Fit by Karen Jurgens

You’re invited to join me today over at for an interview with Betty Thomason Owens. I’ll tell you more about my past as a teacher and how I got into all this writing business–you’ll even find out what my favorite color is! (You might be surprised.)

If you haven’t read Desire’s Promise, this new edition is even better. Revised and expanded, the new title is A Perfect Fit. It deals with the dilemma of how to find a godly husband in our modern culture. Should you just take whomever you can find or wait for God’s best?

Instead of a dating site, ask God to be your matchmaker. As your designer and author of life, He knows you better than you know yourself. And He doesn’t just bring anyone. His choice is always a perfect fit.

I hope you’ll want to read Carlie’s story and see how she found her perfect match. If you leave a comment on the Inspired Prompts site, you’ll be entered for a chance to win a free eBook copy. Just scroll to the bottom of my interview and that’s where to enter. Great for a cozy read in front of a crackling fire or give to a romance reader on your Christmas list!

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