A Miraculous Touch of God


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“M-m-mommy, I-I want my d-d-dolly…” Cait’s tongue knotted as she struggled to spit out the words. She needed a miraculous touch of God.

What had happened to my baby? Was she beginning to stutter? My precious second daughter had begun to speak in full sentences by the time she was thirteen-months-old. Convinced that God had a special anointing for her in communication, it appeared that something was robbing her of that gift before she could turn two.

A recent conversation with another mom at an exercise group sparked more fears. Her son’s stuttering diagnosis required weekly schedules of speech therapy, which she claimed had produced slim results.

Would that be my daughter’s fate as well? We needed a miracle from God.

Searching for answers in the Word

Searching for answers in the Word

I searched the Word and clung to His promises. Each day I prayed about Cait’s speech, and each day the stuttering grew worse. Should I make an appointment with a therapist?  Desperation found a foothold, but the Lord began to work in the situation as I interceded in faith and stood on His Word.

One day, as I agonized over her struggle, I discerned in the spirit that something was holding her tongue. If this signaled a spiritual battle, I had to wage war against it.

baby cait and little meg

I asked Meg, my four-year-old daughter, to pray with me for her sister’s healing. My little prayer partner scooted on the rug beside me, and the three of us joined hands and bowed our heads. By the blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimony, I bound the enemy and loosed his hold over Cait’s tongue. In Jesus’s name, I commanded the enemy to free her speech and asked the Lord to restore it to perfection.

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places ~ Ephesians 6:12, NASB.

Being so young, Cait had no idea that God was touching her that day. But right away, my toddler spoke words that flowed freely for the first time in weeks. As we rejoiced in this miracle, even her eyes widened with amazement, and her face radiated relief.

Cait at 15-months-old

Cait at 15-months-old

As the days passed, I kept a vigilant eye. Would there be a second attack? I understood from scripture that the enemy doesn’t give up easily.

Sure enough, about three days later, her stuttering resumed. My little prayer partner joined me again, and we prayed just as before. I stood on the Word and declared the enemy was not going to win—Jesus would be victorious!

And the result? A miraculous touch of God. After twenty-six years, the stuttering has never returned. I praise the Lord for His goodness and mercy, who is using Cait today as a gifted journalist.

meg and cait 2016

Do you or someone you love need a miraculous touch of God today? 

Lord, I pray you would reach out and touch everyone who needs healing today.