Welcome to the Best Year Yet: 2017

Can you believe it’s already New Year’s Day? If you’re like me, the events of 2016 seem to have flown by at a record rate of speed.

I recall when I used to dread January the most—all the bitter cold weather, the snow and ice, the dark days with little sunlight—and worst of all, it lasted for an eternal thirty-one days. But last year, I noticed how quickly it passed for the first time. Perhaps the blustery winter winds will also hurry the days along to February, one of my favorite months.

How are you going to begin this New Year? I have participated in fasting and prayer for many years, and my 2017 will begin the same way. I like to do a Daniel Fast for the first twenty-one days. This year I’m adding a juice fast for part of the time, making it more challenging. An article on fasting in Charisma Magazine is helpful because it describes the different kinds of fasts and what you eat for different lengths of time.

And the benefits? Not only is your physical body cleansed, but your spirit is also renewed. God can speak to you through prayer, His word, dreams, and visions. God renews your relationship with Him and will set your feet on a new path for 2017.  As you seek God’s will, fasting and prayer will lead you to find those answers.

I also want to thank you so much for following my blog. I plan to share what the Lord shows me this year, which I hope will be a blessing to your life.

Wishing you all the most blessed and happiest of New Years! May 2017 be the best yet!