Karen is available for speaking engagements at your church’s retreats and conferences. Below is a brief summary of current topics. You may contact her at karenharrison200@outlook.com.

Depression 2

 Why are these bad things happening to me? 

It’s not just another inspirational talk on how to get through the hard times of life. Beginning with a Heavenly vision in a dream that has defined Karen’s spiritual assignment from God, this will take the mature Christian deeper into the mysteries of God’s Word. When there is no person to help in a hopeless situation,  Jesus comes to our rescue. How do we escape the fiery trials of our current times? Learn how to walk in peace through the power of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.



Have you met Jesus on your road? 

Explore which road you are currently traveling down…Emmaus, Damascus, Gaza, or Calvary. Visit each road’s unique story. Meet the Master for the first time, or recognize Him who was there all along, or encounter Him in a fresh move of the Holy Spirit.


depression arguing

What are your soul wounds?  

Learn about them from the New Testament stories of those closest to Jesus and how He brought healing to broken lives. Identify the deep hurts within your own soul and bring them to the Cross. Experience a time of cleansing and healing through prayer as you are touched by Him.


blood moons

The Four Blood Moons

How do these scientific phenomena relate to the Jewish feasts in history and today? Learn some fascinating truths about today’s events and how they tie into Bible prophecy.



The Mystery of the Shemittah

How do these Sabbath years of rest relate to our future? Understand how Jewish history and the current path of the United States parallel each other.






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