Choosing to walk through life's trials with joy
Karen Jurgens

Have we met? If so, you know that teaching has been my life-long vocation.  Having grown up without a close sibling and few playmates, I learned how to entertain myself at an early age. My dolls and stuffed  animals were my earliest students who would sit with rapt attention in front of my blackboard, where I taught them reading and multiplication tables. The love of teaching others has always dwelled at my soul’s core, and now that my formal career is closing, my vocation will continue in another domain. Here it is and welcome to it!teachers

I became a Christian at the age of eight when I was saved at a church camp, but my serious walk with the Lord began when I was a freshman in college. The way the Lord brought me back to Himself is truly a miraculous story, and one I will share in a future blog.

My plan is to share my personal experiences with you and show how God has walked with me through them. Topics will mostly address the trials of life and how The Lord has helped me be victorious. My dream of how my life would turn out and how it actually did turn out were very different. Instead of allowing bitterness to take root, I am allowing the Lord to take those unexpected disappointments and turn them into something positive. My purpose is to help others who may be going through similar circumstances.

The best lesson I have learned from life, which can often be unfair, is how to get through the hard times with joy. Enjoying our lives and being grateful for the life we have been dealt is the name of the game–not envying others or regretting the past.

It is my hope that these accounts will make Jesus as real to you as He is to me, and that He will also change and enrich your life. I am blessed to have you accompany me on this journey. Are you ready?

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